Poetry: I Will Always Care

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I Will Always Care

by Abby Knouf (9th gr.)



Rule number 1 don’t care

You can sit there and pretend

Nobody cares what your wearing

Nobody cares about your makeup

Nobody cares 


I sit there

I care what I’m wearing

I care what my makeup looks like

I care

People say little things don’t matter

But you and I watch as people stare

While people think ” she doesn’t care” 


If you care, I care

I don’t want to sit there and pretend

Pretending is imagery 

It’s something one does to fake 

Out all reality and everything that hurts

Little or small


Just know I don’t care

I don’t care what your wearing 

I don’t even care if you have makeup on

I don’t care if you don’t care

I only care if you care 


Let’s not pretend 

We live day and day

Going through faze and faze

So much that we play it like we play video games


We can watch the stares and glares 

And we stare and glare right back

Nobody knows we all stare 

And now we all care


As everyone stares 

I just sit there

No care for how they stare 

No care for what I’m wearing

If I don’t care maybe they won’t stare

And that’s rule number two

No stares or glares if you just don’t care

But if they stare I stare hoping they don’t care 

Like how I care when you stare