Helpful Information from the Counselor’s Office

 Helpful Information from the Counselors Office

Makayla Richardson, (10th gr.)

In our generation, many people struggle with stress, depression, and anxiety.  Our school provides us with people who are here to listen and help. When I asked Mrs. Debo what services were provided she said “We provide one-on-one check-ins or group check-ins. We also bring therapists from Four County to the school.” Three mental health professionals work for the district and three come from Four County. If someone is in crisis they should get in contact with Mrs.Debo, anybody in the counselor’s office, or the front office.

 When asked what a student should do if they feel like they know someone who is struggling she said “Talk to them first and encourage them to talk and if that doesn’t work tell a teacher or a counselor so they can check on them.” Mrs.Debo provided some extra information and said “Just know we are here to help and are understanding. If you need to come in to chill you don’t have to talk. There are different resources in the room. We help with conflict resolution. Teachers can also come in. Even if it’s something simple we’ll listen. Everything in the room is confidential unless someone’s safety is of concern.” The counselor’s office is a very helpful place. The door is always open.