Pros and cons of tanning beds, is the tan truly worth it? 

Pros and cons of tanning beds, is the tan truly worth it? 

J-Lynn Tobias, (9th gr.)

Each year, as nice weather begins to roll around, many people are preparing to spend time relaxing in a nice warm tanning bed. But before you sign up for that golden glow, have you thought about how a tanning bed may affect your health? Studies show there are more cons than pros when it comes to tanning beds. Your health may be affected in many ways from cornea damage, change in skin, or even cancer. 

Here are a few things you may not know. The UV light rays are strong enough to burn the cornea inside your eyes causing temporary damage, as well as causing your skin to age faster known as photoaging. According to Jennifer T. Trent, MD FAAD “It causes areas of skin to become thin and less elastic, resulting in dry, wrinkled, leathery skin with blemishes and colored spots.” (“Sunlight and Indoor Ultraviolet Tanning: Pros and Cons | HealthNews”). Information provided by the Skin Cancer Foundation stated that tanning beds are powered by UVA (ultraviolet A) rays and UVB rays (ultraviolet B). UVA has a longer wavelength associated with skin aging while UVB has a shorter wavelength which is associated with skin burning (Chien and Kleiman). Exposure to UV lighting can potentially lead to skin cancer. The three most common types of skin cancer include Basal Cell cancer, Squamous Cell cancer, and Malignant Melanoma. 

Yes, a quick tan can look amazing as well as boost your confidence for the summer months, but the negative effects of that confidence boost can last a lifetime. So, the next time you think about using a tanning bed, think about the many cons that can potentially outweigh the pros. 


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