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Movie Review: ‘Nimona The Shapeshifting Masterpiece’

Movie Review: Nimona The Shapeshifting Masterpiece

Spoilers Ahead!!!!


Recently I watched a movie called “Nimona” and I want to share my options with you. The animated movie opens up with a mixture of medieval and futuristic scenery. The main character, Ballister Boldheart, is said to be an evil man. That he killed the queen. Soon the other main character, Nimona, is introduced and becomes attached to Ballister, wanting him to become her boss. Nimona is definitely a character all will love.

When it came to the animation it was amazing, there were a few mess ups here and there but when you’re focused on the movie you don’t really notice it. My favorite part is when Nimona is arguing with Ballister and throws an ax, hitting somebody else in the head. Of course the voicings were good. I didn’t find a problem with how they spoke or the emotions they added into their speech. It made the movie all the more emotional.

The animators did a good job on trying to get it to fit in with the time nowadays, including the lgbt with the gay couple. Some people aren’t happy with that though. Nimona has such an upbeat attitude even with all of the past she has. It just fits her character so well. The only thing wrong really is the plot holes the movie has. One character I don’t like is ‘Todd’, he is shown as one of the iconic jock, bully type character and it’s a bit of a downer.

I think most people would enjoy this movie but it would be directed at young teenagers, the age from 11 and up. The movie is rated PG-13 after all. The overall film was nice. It had all the areas to keep a watcher’s attention. The comedy scenes were a nice welcome, they got me to laugh quite a bit. It did have a few things wrong but not enough to make it a bad movie. I enjoyed it and it kept me focused.


⅘ stars