Senior Interview

Senior Interview
What are weaknesses and strengths ?


My weaknesses are mental weaknesses, but my physical strength gooo hardddd.


Tell me a little about you ?


I’m a really funny and goofy person but when I get heated I turn a little psycho.


Whos your favorite teacher and why?


Mr.Hester because he always taking things as a joke but if he being serious you be serious also.


What is something youll miss about school?


Just honestly everybody even though I really don’t like anybody I still made it fun for me and everybody else that was around me.


If you could give any advice for underclassmen or upcoming seniors what would it be?


Go out and try new things, you never know what will come out at the end. Keep pushing because with fighting your battles everyday there will finally be a moment that you can rest.


College? If so where and for what?


I want to be a professional basketball player, and I want to go to my dream college Uconn.


If not then do you have any plans for after you graduate ?


Get a job and get my bag straight up because I be too broke.


Whats something you’re passionate about ?


That I survived all the madness that got thrown at me.


Whats your favoritie memory of highschool ?


Sitting around and talking at the lunch table, that lunch table really did save me.


What have you enjoyed the most and why?


This whole year so far just simply because I don’t let it get sad and depressing. I do be getting sad and depressed but you fake it till you make it.