Senior Interview

Cutler Forman
Senior Interview
describe yourself


“I work hard, I’m dedicated at times, and I work for what I want.”


weaknesses & strengths


“My weakness would be that I’m stubborn and my strength(s) would be that I am helpful and caring.”


favorite teacher & why


“My favorite teacher is Mrs. Fosnight because she is super sweet and helps me through things.”


favorite subject & why


“I don’t have a specific subject because they all have pros and cons.”


favorite memory & why


“My favorite memory of high school is junior prom.”


plans after high school


“I plan on going to Washburn University to get my radiographer license then transfer to Pitt to get my bachelors in a science and then attend a 4 year medical school to become an anesthesiologist or a radiologist.”


miss the most about school


“The most I will miss about school is some of the teachers and my friends.”


advice for underclassmen


“Finish your graduation requirements to be able to take college classes.”


passionate about 


“I am passionate about work.”


been involved in


Cutler has been involved in FFA(3), FBLA(2), NHS(2), and academically lettered for 4 years.


enjoyed the most about CHS


“I enjoyed the close knit community the most.”