Senior Interview

Bethany Umbarger
Senior Interview
describe yourself


“I am competitive, funny, smart, and hardworking.”


weaknesses & strengths


“My weakness is that I don’t really socialize as much as I should and my strength is that I get my work done and I prioritize school.”


favorite teacher & why


“My favorite teacher is Mrs. Fosnight because she’s always there.”


favorite subject & why


“My favorite subject is business because it’s what I want to do.”


favorite memory & why


“My favorite memory is junior prom with all my friends.”


plans after high school


“I plan on continuing track at the next level and going to school for business administration.”


miss the most about school


“I will miss my friends the most.”


advice for underclassmen


“Don’t try so hard to make people like you.


passionate about


“I am passionate about sports, track especially.”


been involved in


Bethany has been involved in FFA(2), FBLA(1), NHS(2), V(4), B(4), T(4), Travel Volleyball(2), CO(2), and lettered academically for 4 years.


enjoyed the most about CHS


“I enjoyed participating in school activities”