Senior Interview

Carley Fox
Senior Interview
describe yourself


“I am competitive and I like to have fun but I take academics seriously.”


weaknesses & strengths


“My weaknesses are that I can come off harsh and I can be blunt. My strengths are that I am loud and I say how I feel.”


favorite teacher & why


“My favorite teacher is Mrs. Deweese because she helped me understand math.”


favorite subject & why


“My favorite subject is English because I love writing and reading. It’s really fun to immerse yourself in a different world.”


favorite memory & why


“My favorite memory is school trips with friends, winning sub state and the Oswego tournament.”


plans after high school


“I plan on going to a JUCO for volleyball, get RN, obtain a masters in a science and become a nurse practitioner.”


miss the most about school


“I will miss everything about being a kid the most.”


advice for underclassmen


“My advice to underclassmen is to just go to the party. Don’t ask for permission. Have fun and live.”


passionate about


“I am passionate about academics, sports, work ethic, and being busy.”


been involved in


Carley has been involved in FFA(2), FBLA(2), NHS(2), V(4), B(4), Travel Volleyball(4), CO(4), and lettered academically for 4 years.


enjoyed the most about CHS


“I enjoyed the people the most.”