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The Charge

The Charge

The Charge



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Activities & Workers 9/25/23

Activities & Workers for Week of 9/25 – 9/30


Monday: No School – Staff Inservice


JV Football @ Caney (6pm) *Bus depts. @ 3:45 (#32 & trailer)

TMS VB @ St. Paul w/Altoona & St. Pats (4:30)


Tuesday: HS Volleyball w/Fredonia & Neodesha (4pm-C/5pm & 6pm V/JV)                               

        South Court (Varsity)          North Court (C/JV) 

4:00             OPEN Cherryvale C vs. Fredonia C

5:00  Cherryvale vs. Fredonia Cherryvale vs. Fredonia

6:00 Fredonia vs Neodesha Fredonia vs Neodesha

7:00 Cherryvale vs. Neodesha Cherryvale vs. Neodesha

Score: Taylor W.  (s-court) & Angela E. (n-court)

Clock: Kelsey O. (s-court) & Marla S. (n-court)

LJ: Jasmin F./Lexi U. (Varsity)

Gate: Linda S. 

Off:   Gennette R./Doug H. (Varsity) & Micha D./Bryn D. (C & JV)

N.A.: Choir/Band

Cons:   Jr. Class                         


Wednesday: *CMS/CHS School Pictures

*Letter Jacket Fitting/Order during 1st & 2nd Lunch (10:48-11:46)

(Please see Front Office for order form/information)

*Kay Club Leadership retreat @ Greenbush


Thursday: CMS Volleyball w/Humboldt (4:30)

Gate: Tami R. *please open @ 3:30

Score: Angela E. (s)/Taylor W. (n)

Clock: Marla S. (s)/Kelsey O. (n)

Off:      Micha D. & Bryn D. (s)/Gina A. & Lexi U. (n)

N.A.: Choir/Band

Cons:   Jr. Class


CMS Football w/Humboldt (6pm)

Gate: Linda S. (s)/Melissa T. (n) *please open @ 5pm 

Clock: Josh . D/Kelsey O. (25/40 sec.)

PA: Michael V.

Off: Gene C./Jon B./Devon H.

Chans: Housel/Housel/Voorhies/Wenino

Cons: Jr. Class

N.A: Choir


FFA Etymology/Nursery/Land CDE/


Friday: HS Football @ Fredonia (7pm) *Bus depts. @ 4:45 w/#32 & trailer *Pep bus @ 5:45

Saturday: JV Volleyball Tournament @ Caney (9am) *Van #31 

Debate @ Pittsburg