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The Charge

Game Review: Subnautica



This game is quite fun. It starts you out in a ship that is crashing down to an unknown planet. After the crash you are in what they call a life pod and you have to survive on the planet you landed on. The planet is practically all water with the occasional chunk of land that is being held up by ancient floaters.

Throughout the game you can build, eat, and discover different things as you dive deeper into the water. You do have to look out for your oxygen though because you have a limited amount before having to swim back up to the surface. With the fabricator (what you use to craft things) you can make equipment that helps you dive deeper and explore the lower floors of the planet.

The open world this game gives you is amazing, you have the freedom to do as you please. The game is beatable but takes quite a bit of time so if you enjoy a long game with multiple different things to do then try this game.

There is another version of this game called Subnautica: Below Zero, if you finish the first one I would advise you to try out this version as well. Subnautica takes about 30 hours to complete, but it can take longer if you plan to explore and enjoy the game as I have done.