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History of Christmas Traditions

It’s December folks
A Christmas Nativity

Well, it’s that time of year again, December, the time of celebration, Christmas, the New Year, and Hanukkah. For today we will focus on Christmas. Like most Christian celebrations, Christmas developed from pagan celebrations that Christains used to promote Chirstanity. For Christmas, the celebration of the birth of Jesus Chirst which is the date of the 25th of December, developed from ‘end of harvest celebrations’. Christmas traditions also developed in this way, like Santa Claus, he is based on a Christian monk who was revered for his kindness, with several stories and legends based off of him which became Santa. With Stanta’s famous appearance coming from Coca-Cola advertisements in the 1930’s. The Christmas tree came from Germany, where several Chistrains in the 15th Century started to bring in evergreen trees and decorate them with candles and apples.