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Game play

Webbed is an adorable game with impressive, fluid graphics all in the enjoyable art style of the creators. The best way to describe the game play is to label it as a physics-based puzzle and plat-former game. You play as a cute spider and utilize the basic abilities of a spider: jumping, dancing, web-making abilities, and (obviously) laser beams you can fire endlessly from your body. You have the freedom to use your webs for three basic purposes: swinging, pulling, and creating. Use these abilities to transverse dangerous places, solve puzzles, find collectibles, and help neighboring insects.





In the beginning of the game, your spider is seen running around with her boyfriend, the two traverse the wooded area around their home as the game teaches you how to play. At the end of this pleasant tutorial, you are met with the antagonist, The Bower Bird. This massive bird then sees your boyfriend and snatches him, flying away. You must help the other insects in the land and get them to aid you in your quest to save your boyfriend from this terrible foe. You can find multiple types of collectibles, catch flies, meet friendly insects, and explore to construct a machine that can transport you to the Bower Birds home to find your boyfriend and save him. Can your spider and her friends reach him in time? Find out and purchase on an available platform.

(Available on Linux, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam)